Wedding photography webinar

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Wedding photography

you will learn:


  • Market saturation
  • What makes photographers struggle
  • Transitioning from hobby to profession


  • What skills do you need to become a successful wedding photographer
  • How to build your skills and confidence
  • Hard skills vs soft skills

Finding your unique style

  • Trends vs timeless values
  • Editing and presets
  • How soft-skills affect your style


  • How to exit the hamster wheel
    (no clients = no portfolio, no portfolio = no clients)
  • The best way to start building your portfolio
  • Free shoots and low-price services
  • Second shooting
  • Workshops


  • How not to break the bank
  • Range, speed, convenience, reliability
  • Camera and lens selection options
  • Lighting equipment


  • Booking your first wedding
  • Where do clients come from?
  • Different client profiles
  • How to transition to the high-ticket sales

Your tutor

Gediminas Trečiokas
  • Department of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts graduate
  • 20+ years of professional photography experience
  • 15+ years of wedding photography experience
  • 10+ years as a photography tutor and mentor

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