Photography coaching and mentoring

Why one needs a mentor?

From my own experience, I will put it plain and simple. Having a good mentor can save you tons of money and precious time.
Mentoring is anything but a tips-and-tricks method. What you get is a proven working system that leads to an end result.
You may be surprised how many crucial things are beyond your current horizon and how different is the whole process behind a successful photograph.

How it works?

Everyone is unique.
Let’s review your achievements and your goals. Your roadmap must come first!
Feel free to get in touch. Show some of your work, and we will arrange a FREE consultation with you!
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Creative portrait photography

This is the most universal knowledge base that can be applied to any genre that includes portrait photography.
We start by removing the blocks and taking your creativity to the next level. We are going to work using a proven system that was developed over many years of research and practice.
You are going to learn storytelling, composition, light, model direction, and technical nuances.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is a sandwich with many layers. It contains docummentary photography, photojournalism, portrait photography, fashion photography, even product and interior photography.
On top of that you will have to work with non professional models under varying challenging circumstances (low light, mixed light, hars sunlight, etc.). And in the end you will need to provide consistent and stylish results.
I am a wedding photographer with 15+ years of experience. I can help you with all aspects of this multi-layer field and help you to step ahead of the competition.

Why choose me as a mentor?

I take pictures since childhood. I graduated from the Photography Department at the Academy of Fine Arts. I have been photographing professionally for over 20 years and this is my main job. For about 10 years, I do educational activities aimed at helping to get rid of cliche, raise the level of creativity, understand how to work with models, learn how to cope with any lighting, and get great results in any environment.
During these years, I have created the whole system that allows to achieve great results in a short time and to surpass those who learn from publicly available sources.
I know what lessons taught by my own mentors have led to a breakthrough in photography and I am ready to convey them systematically to you.

Ready to dive in or still not sure?

I am ready to answer your questions. As mentioned above, you can book a free consultation and make a decision later. So you have nothing to loose!

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