A 5-week photography course
That will change the way you perceive photography

Take your photography to the next 5 levels!

The event starts on JUNE 5

Creativity and Storytelling

June 5. 19:00 CET

Never in history has it been easier to take a high quality photo as it is now.
The paradox is that it has also never been so difficult to grab and hold the viewer’s attention.
It is not enough to know your camera to get noticed.
The ability to tell a visual story is the hallmark of all the best photographers.
This lesson will be a ground-breaking discovery that will change the way you perceive photography forever.

You will learn:

  1. How to boost your creativity and never run out of original ideas.
  2. How to find and develop your authentic style.
  3. Easy to implement visual storytelling techniques used by the most famous photographers.
  4. How to add value to your photography and attract high-ticket customers.
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Stunning Compositions

June 12. 19:00 CET

It is often believed that photographic vision is a gift.
The truth is that it is a skill that can be effectively trained. We are going to dive far beyond the rule of thirds and other similar rules and find out how composition works sholder to sholder with storytelling.
You will be able to take eye-catching photos without expensive lenses and blurred background.

You will learn:

  1. How to avoid amateur composition mistakes that even many professionals are prone to.
  2. Easy to implement methods to dramatically improve composition.
  3. To find perfect backgrounds in places that you never anticipated are fit for the photoshoot.
  4. How to make the best of any environment.
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Master the Light

June 19. 19:00 CET

The term PHOTOGRAPHY originates from two Greek words: φῶς (phos), meaning “light”, and γραφή (graphê), meaning “drawing, writing”.
That is why using light is considered the most powerful means of composition.
Stop complaining about “poor lighting conditions” and start finding solutions in any environment. Learn the laws of light that can be applied both in the studio and outside. Stop thinking of shooting in natural light as shooting “as is” and take control to your hands.

You will learn:

  1. Universal laws of light, used by masters.
  2. Get great results in any lighting conditions.
  3. Avoid common lighting mistakes.
  4. Take full control of natural light.
  5. What light makes people look compelling.
  6. Create different looks with a single light source.
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The Best Kept Secrets
in Portrait Photography

June 26. 19:00 CET

What separates great photos from just good?
Certain things are far from obvious.
Beginner photographers have beginner questions. And there is a whole market to supply the demand. Unfortunately some very important questions remain unaddressed. Other questions just need to be reformulated.
Common beginner question is “how to relaxe your model”? And we can find 101 answers how to do it. While there is no need to relax the model! Great portrait photographers have a very different approach. Take this lesson and you will never ask this question again.

You will learn:

  1. Unobvious things that separate great photos from just good.
  2. Different approaches to portrait photography.
  3. How to effectively work with professional and non-professional models.
  4. Why you don't need to relax the model and what to do instead.
  5. Why 101 poses are not the answer.
  6. How to make your portraits speak.
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From gear to post-production

July 3. 19:00 CET

Professionals always shoot in Manual mode? Nope…
Professionals know what mode to choose, when to choose and why. There is no such thing as “best settings”. Every situation is different and you need a simple system that alows you to quickly choose the best settings possible.

When it comes to post-production (a.k.a. editing), most photographers will waste a lifetime looking for a miracle preset instead of learning the basics and getting to understand the colour theory.
I have polished my workflow for over 25 years working not only with my own photos, but preparing different imagery for the high-quality albums and other publications that demand the highest standards of quality.
Professional workflow has to incorporate 3 things: consistency, high quality and efficiency.
There are universal principles that everyone should know.

You will learn:

  1. Why you must know Manual settings and not necessarily use them.
  2. How to make overwhelming camera menus usable in real life.
  3. While every scenario is unique, how to quickly choose the best option on the fly and adapt to the situation.
  4. Best camera and lens selection.
  5. Professional post-production workflow.
  6. Key editing techniques everyone should know.
  7. How to maintain professional results and consistency.
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How it works

This Workshop consists of 5 LIVE video sessions and participation in a closed telegram channel.
The lessons will take place on Sundays at 7 p.m. Central European time.
(June 5, 12, 19, 26, July 3)
If you are unable to attend the lesson, the record will be available for 7 days (until the next LIVE session).

The pric€

This 5-week course costs times less than an average lens!
Buying new gear does not affect your photographic level. This course certainly will!